Types of Climbing Plants With Flowers

By | August 27, 2017
climbing plants with flowers

Many of us think that climbing plants are perfect for outdoor spaces, such as backyard or garden. However, it is possible for you to add them in indoor. Climbing plants with flowers offer a rich and beautiful view to garden space with the right knowledge. It works if you want healthy as well as luscious climbing plants.

There are some species of climbing plants look good for your office. Here, you can take its benefit for sure. There are two types of climbing plants, which are Bines and Vines. Bines mean twin the stems around an object as the support, such as honeysuckle, morning glory, and hops. Meanwhile, vines go with tendrils to help the climbing plants, such as trumpet creeper with the leaves, and Virginia creeper with the adhesive pads.

climbing plants with flowers

climbing plants with flowers, the link source

Climbing Plants With Flowers – How To Care For The Plants

It depends on the type of the climbing plants with flowers that you are growing.

1. Tendrils
If you plant Tendrils, they need to grow with a horizontal support. It is also possible for you to use 2-inch of square netting. Passion flower and Chilean glory flower are categorized as tendrils.

2. Passion Flowers
The next is Passion Flowers or Passion vines that are best to grow in the winter. They can live with partial sunlight. Besides, they need lots of water. Keep in mind that you should provide those lots of water. Other than that, you should keep the roots moist, especially in flowering season.

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3. Twiners
Twiners can grow with the help of a trellis, a post for horizontal support, or wire. Some examples of twiners are Honeysuckle, Dutchman’s pipe, and Morning glories. They can grow huge that they need support just to hold their weight.

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4. Morning Glories
Even though they die in the frost, they can reseed to make them grow in the next year. It is better to plant Morning glories in full sun.

5. Scramblers
It is a little tricky to work with them because of their thorn. They are unable to climb on their capability. Therefore, you need string or gardening wire to hold them.

6. Boston Ivy
It needs full sun to live. It is still able to live in the light shade. Boston Ivy can deal with slightly moist and slightly dry conditions. It grows well in stony material or soil with clay.

7. Stem Rooms
Their clingy stem roots help them to attach to the surface because the roots are strong that even can damage paint. Therefore, you should grow the plant on homes by using trees or a trellis as the support.

8. Climbing Hydrangea
It is the last option of Climbing Plants With Flowers that can reach tall heights. The plant needs support, full sun, and any soil conditions.

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