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By | August 30, 2017
purple flowering plants perennials

Having a garden can be the way to show your passion, tell about your favorite colors and flowers. If you want to add some plants to your garden, we recommend you to have some purple flowering plants perennials. To us, purple is the most versatile color. It is because purple has its gorgeous shade. Also, purple is the best color to say a luxury touch. Besides, adding purple flowers can be the best choice to create a romantic garden. Below, we have the list of the best purple flowering plant perennials you should add to your garden.

Best Purple Flowering Plants Perennials To Your Garden

1. Allium Kieense (Fall-Flowering Kii Garlic)
Known as Allium virgunculae var. kiiense. Allium kiiense is a great fall flowering. The plant is endangered ornamental garlic from Kii Peninsula and Gifu, Aichi, as well as Yamaguchi prefectures. It is an iconic flower because it can open sideways, not upward. Furthermore, the flower has a beautiful look with the fleshy green leaves. The plant is delightful with the lavender-purple flowers. Besides, it is easy to grow in sun rock garden.

2. Acanthus Morning Candle
According to the report, it is a hybrid of Achantus mollis and Acanthus spinosus. Unfortunately, not all growers know that it is more likely from the combination of Acanthus Hungaricus and Acanthus Mollis. If we have to say, it can be the splendid option to complete your garden.

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3. Achimenes ‘Harry Williams’
If you seek for one of the purple flowering plants perennials that can survive in the winter hardiness, we think it is the best answer. The plant has excellent garden performance. Besides, the plant has spectacular pansy-like flowers with the crimson red and morphs to the crimson violet. Both come with a yellow throat for a contrast look. To see its best performance, you should support the plant with morning sun and light shade.

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4. Anemonella Thalictroides ‘Shiozaki’
Well, you can take it as the last option. In our opinion, it is the delightful Japanese option as a compact, deciduous clump, and rock garden sized plant. The flower has about six-inch tall. Besides, it has light green foliage with 1-inch of wide s in white to pinkish lavender. Amazingly, it can deal with dry soils, but we recommend you to keep the soil moist.

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Those are all the best purple flowering plants perennials you can plant to your garden. Have you found your best choice?

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