Pitcher Plant Care – All Things You Must Do To Grow Pitcher Plant

By | August 17, 2017
pitcher plant care

For those who love an exotic and rare plant, pitcher plants can be a great option. They grow in the parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, where the soils are poor, and they take other sources for the nutrient levels. They are carnivorous, with the fleshy funnels or tubes as the traps for small animals and insects. Pitcher Plant Care is important to know if you want to grow the plant outdoors, not indoors.

In this article, you are going to learn some things you need to know to grow a pitcher plant as your home interior or exterior addition.

pitcher plant care

pitcher plant care

How to Care For Pitcher Plant

We can say that it does not require many things to care for pitcher plants. They can grow inside your home with the ideal temperature about 60 and 70 F, or 16 to 21 C. At the beginning of the growing season, you may fertilize the plants with good orchid food. Keep fertilizing every month until the fall is coming.

The plant commonly catches the insects in the pitcher shaped organs. They are the plant’s needs to get the right nutrient. For this reason, you do not have to provide much fertilization as the part of Pitcher Plant Care when you plant it outdoors.

Outdoor plants, however, can lose their pitcher shaped leaves. It is recommended to cut them off once they die back. After that, the rosette base will show new leaves. You must protect the plants in the ground from freeze by adding mulch at the base of the rosette.

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In another word, it is a simple plant to care for if you know how to give the plant the right growing conditions. You need to use plastic planters as terra cotta absorbs salts quickly. After repotting the plants, you must bring the plant in dappled sunlight. It is also possible to place it behind the sheer curtain.

Your task is how you can keep the potting mix always moist all the time. However, you should not let the pot full of water. This only makes the plant develop the root rot. For a month, pitcher plants need about one or two insects. Help them with a small and freshly-killed bug per month is an excellent idea to add nutrients.

pitcher plant flower

pitcher plant flower

How to Care For Pitcher Plant In Winter

Pitcher plant dormancy needs a chilling period, as well as warm temperatures to break the dormancy. The chilling period is essential for all species, especially for the Sarracenia to signal the right time to grow again.

You have to add a layer of mulch in extreme cold. To do so, add the mulch around the base of the plants. This way is important to protect the roots. For some varieties growing in the water, you need to break the ice and make sure that the water trays full. For pitcher plants in colder zones, you need to bring them indoors during winter.

For the potted S.Purpurea, this species is still able to stay outdoors, especially in a sheltered location. Another place to keep all other varieties is the garage and unheated basement. It is also important to reduce water and never fertilize the pitcher plant over winter for the less hardy species as the part of pitcher plant care.

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Description: You can grow pitcher plant easily as indoor plants. However, there are some important things to know about pitcher plant care for outdoors.

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