Pink Muhly Grass Care – Things To Do To Grow Ornamental Muhly Grass

By | August 30, 2017
Pink Muhly Grass Care

Pink muhly grass, known as Muhlbergia is one of the ornamental grass varieties, which is a great plant with its beautiful showgirl flair. Pink muhly grass care is tough and easy. The appealing look is great to give a nice addition to your garden.

Pink Muhly Grass Care

Pink Muhly Grass Care, Photo by Kennedy

Pink Muhly Grass Care and Plant

Planting muhly grass can be in any kinds of soil as long as the soil drains well. It does not tolerate wet feet. The plant is easy to find in highways, flat forests, as well as coastal dunes. Therefore, we recommend you to match the natural growing feature to plant it. If you want to make an eye-grabbing effect, you should plant several together. However, make sure that there is a space for at least 2 feet apart. Besides, your garden should be sunny and bright. It can survive in rocky soil, even though there is only a little organic matter, the merciless sun even dryness. It cannot handle flooding in long periods. Below are the things you should know when it comes to pink muhly grass care:

1. Water
You should water muhly grass babies frequently. Once they are mature, you only need to provide the supplemental water when there is a severe period of droughts.

2. Feed the plants in the spring
During spring, you should feed the plant with half-balanced plant food along with water. The best time to feed is when the soil is dry. Other than that, you do not have to do it.

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3. Cut it back at the beginning of spring
It is a semi-evergreen grass, and you should cut it back at the beginning of spring. This method is important to remove the brown blades. Also, this step is necessary to offer new green growth.

4. Division
You should divide the plants for every three years. It is good to keep them producing inflorescences. To do so, dig up muhly grass at the end of fall or the beginning of spring. Cut the rolling ball into two pieces, make sure that it has healthy roots and replant the pieces in pots or the ground. Then, you should water them frequently in the initial weeks.

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Those are all you should know about pink muhly grass care and to grow it.

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