How to Care For Air Plant aka Tillandsias

By | August 13, 2016
How to Care For Air Plant, Tillandsias, air plants

Air plants aka Tillandsias, are a favorite plant that very easy to grow. Air plants are popular in the world today, especially for its low maintenance. Because they get what they need from air, water, and light (instead of soil), you will not have to plant them. There are many varieties of air plants in various shapes and sizes with Stunning colors from green to pink and purple. Succulents and Cactus are easy to take care of, but air plants may be easier. How to care for air plant? The care for these unusual and wonderful plants is as easy as it can be. Remember, air plants are super easy to take care of, our goal is simply to give you all the knowledge you need to take great care of your Tillandsias. Below here are the recommended best practices for air plant care.

1. Watering your Air Plant
“Wait, are these plants need water? Don’t just live outside air? “Well, actually, no it does not. These plants may not live in the soil, but it needs water! Watering air plants has been a crucial part of the air plants care. Some people use spraying, others by soaking, and some others combine both methods sprayed and soaked.

In general, watering your air plants once a week. Do not use tap water, because tap water contains chlorine can be harmful to the plant. Rather use water filtered, wells or rain water. Watering air plants only during the day so that the plant can dry out all night. If you want to use spraying method, use spray bottle. Another way with the soaking, use a small container of water to soaking your air plants for 20-30 minutes. Gently shake the water off your plants after done soaking the plant so that the plant is completely dry before moving into place again. Repeat every week so that air plants always enough hydrated. If it does not, they actually will die. Make sure your not allowed air plants sit in water or soil for long periods of time. They get the nutrients through their leaves, and not by its roots.
How to Care For Air Plant, watering air plants

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2. Light
Air plants love bright, but indirect light is best. If indoors, you need to find a consistent source of light that is not direct sun. Make sure your air plants do not get direct sun or that they are not in the dark shade. If it is under direct sun, it can cause the leaves to burn, so try and find a window that is in the shade for part of the day. Moreover, as a rule, the more silver the plant, the more direct sun it will be able to tolerate.

3. Air
They are called air plants-another simple one – they need it so make sure they have it.Let the plants in a place with good air circulation – they want to air just like the rest of us, will be collecting dust, and other particles from the air and thus air flow is a must.

4. Flowering
Air plants will flower only once in their lives. So sad and so beautiful so far. Flowers can last anywhere from a few days to a few months, and the process too cumbersome for the plants. During this process, you will need to make sure the plant has enough water, light, and fertilizer to get them through.

Another beautiful thing about air plants they will eventually produce small buds, or “pups,” from their base (up to 2-8 in a plant!). When a pup up to 1/3 the size of the parent plant, can separate gently pulling it away from the parent plant. Cool, right?

5. Fertilizer
The best fertilizer is specific to the bromeliad fertilizer. Fertilizer can be used mixed with water to soak or take them to the tub and spray them if you attach something like rocks or pieces of wood. They do not need fertilizer but will grow a little faster, and pups and flower a bit more if you do.

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6. Displaying your Air Plants
You can show air plants in some unique ways because yo don’t need soil in the container. The simple hanging planters below can be used.

How to Care For Air Plant, air plants stand, air plants hanger

The conclusion we can draw from How to Care For Air Plant is there are three most important aspects in how to Care For Air Plant i.e.: water, light, and air. This three variable can you adjust depending on the environment where you live to make sure your air plants are healthy. Pay Attention the condition of the Air plants you do need more water, air or less light, etc. As time goes by, you will be more skilled in caring for your plants and more enjoyment years together with these beautiful and unique plants!

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