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By | August 21, 2017
how to make a compost pile

Making a compost pile is easy. If you have done the space, you only have to follow our guideline of How To Make A Compost Pile below. Make sure that you prepared some things you need: carbon-rich materials (straw, dead flowers, shredded newspaper, and fall leaves), Nitrogen-rich materials (grass clippings, fruit rinds, vegetable peelings, or barnyard animal manure). Besides, you should not use manure from cats, dogs, and other carnivores. Besides, you need a shovelful and a site with the length of 3 feet and width of 3 feet.

how to make a compost pile

how to make a compost pile

How-To Make A Compost Pile – Steps:

1. Spread a layer of coarse and dry brown materials like leaves or cornstalks. The layer should have several inches of thickness.
2. Add several inches of the green materials on the top.
3. Cover the green materials with a thin layer of soil.
4. Add a layer of the brown materials.
5. Moisten the three layers.
6. After that, continue layering green material and brown material with a little soil. Do this until the pile is about 3 feet high. You should add the ratio of 3 brown materials: 1 green material on how to make a compost pile.
7. Use shovel or garden fork to turn the pile for every couple of weeks. This tool is essential to move the stuff in the middle of the compost pile to the outside, while the stuff on the outside moves to the center pile. You should keep the pile moist.

Note: The first time that you turn the pile, you may find steam rising from it as the sign of heating and decomposing. Keep turning the pile for every couple of weeks while working to keep it moist. Besides, you can use the finished compost in your garden by shoveling out it and go with the next pile of new materials that had not fully decomposed.

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Finally, it is not necessary to use a compost bin to make a compost pile. How to make a compost pile is as easy as that.

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