Hanging Plants Indoors For Beautiful Home – The Guideline

By | August 15, 2017
hanging plant indoor

We agree that hanging plants indoors can be a beautiful addition to any room. They steal people’s attention easily to highlight the plant and to bring the natural design element beautifully. No matter you go with hanging baskets or grounded pots, growing plants are always the same. There are some things to consider to protect your home and to make your experience easier.


Hanging Plants Indoors – The Weight

Hanging a big basket or a pot that is full of wet soil can be too heavy since you also add the plant material. Therefore, it is important to estimate the structure of the walls or ceilings so it can hold the weight. It is not good to sink hooks straight into drywall or plaster. Anchor them in ceiling joists or wall studs.
Another thing to consider is the potting media. The primary ingredient of most bagged potting soils is composted sphagnum peat or peat. Peat has high water retention qualities than other soil, but it has more weight. If you have a big concern about the weight, make sure that you reduce the weight of the peat mix. To do so, add perlite to increase the drainage.

Protecting Floors and Furniture

The biggest problem with hanging baskets is the water drainage. It is better not to use the coconut fiber liners that work great outside, but not perfect for indoor use. It makes water run straight through the liners. There are two best options available for indoor baskets, which are a pot within a pot or an attached tray.

The first option is a weed into a pot, which is versatile and easy to set-up. It makes you switch out the hanging plants easily. The outer basket is completely sealed since it is only a decorative touch without drainage holes. It only has chains or rope for hanging. You can make hanging plants indoors by placing the potted plants inside. The big con is it is not easy to access the outside pot during watering. It is heavier, as well.

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The attached tray is the second option. A plastic basket comes with a connected drip entice with the ropes or wires attached to the basket. It is lighter, yet more economical than the first. However, the size of the drip tray can be the problem. For small plate, it allows little space for error, a little water, and muddy water on the floors.

hanging plant indoor

hanging plant indoor

Watering Guideline

We can say that the hardest job to do is watering the hanging plants. A huge and heavy basket let you attach them to the pulley system so the basket can be lowered for watering. This method is an impractical solution to do so. Most cases, you have to deal with a step-ladder as well as a long-neck watering can complete the watering time. Any time that you find the drainage as the persistent problem, and you cannot let the white carpets ruined, it is a great solution to bring your plant outside for weekly watering.

Those are the important guidelines you should not forget when it comes to taking care for hanging plants indoors.
Description: Hanging plants indoors make your home beautiful, if you know how to care for the plants and things to consider for the easier experience.

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