3 Best Flowering Plants For Shade To Grow Easily

By | August 30, 2017
flowering plants for shade Chautauqua

Who says that you cannot plant any flower in a shady yard? If you listen to their words, maybe you only have a foliage garden. Therefore, after reading this Blog, we hope that you can change your mind. In fact, you can plant some flowers in the shade.

Flowering plants for shade are available in some options. They can survive even in the darkest area of your garden. By planting some flowers in a dark corner, you can add a little color to the area.

flowering plants for shade Chautauqua


Here is the list of the flowers to plant in the shade. Best Flowering Plants For Shade

1. Perennials Flowers
There are extensive options for flowers to grow in the shade, including perennials. Those perennials are Astilbe, bellflowers, bee balm, and bleeding-heart. Other options are foxglove, hellebore, and hydrangea.
We, still not enough?
Also, you can plant violets, spotted dead nettle, and Siberian iris. If you think that you cannot go with these plants, you can try to plant primroses, monkshood, and lily-of-the-valley. Alternatively, you can pick lamb’s ears, forget-me-not, and Jacob’s ladder.

2. Annual Shade flowers
Annual flowering plants for shade means that the plant will not come back after a year. Nevertheless, the sheer flower power is unbeatable. You can plant some annual shade flowers such as begonia, baby blue eyes, and alyssum. If you want more, you can add calendula, cleome, and fuchsia. Other annual shade flowers to choose are impatiens, larkspur, lobelia, and monkeyflower. The last options for you are wishbone flower, Snapdragon, and pansy. It is also possible to plant nicotiana. These annual shade flowers can grow even in the shadiest corner.

3. White flowers for shade
If you do not have a plan to plant perennial or annual shade flowers, you can plan on growing white flowers for shade. White flowers for shade are alyssum, Astilbe, begonia, typical shooting star, and coral bells. Alternatively, you can pick dropwort, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley, and impatiens. For more choices, try spotted dead nettle, plantain-lily, and gooseneck loosestrife. These plants have the special place in the world because they are shade-tolerant flowers. If you have a dark area in your garden, you can add them to offer sparkling and bright look to space.

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Those are all about the best flowering plants for shade. In short, it does not matter to have a dark area in your garden. Because it is still possible to plant the flowers above.

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