What Compostable Toilet Paper Can You Use In Composting?

By | August 22, 2017
compostable toilet paper

Many of us do not know about the types of toilet paper. Well, we have no idea about the best compostable toilet paper to choose. Today, we are going to speak of the best toilet paper for composting toilets. However, it is better to know about the different types of toilet paper first. These toilet papers are available on the market.

compostable toilet paper

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We can categorize toilet paper into three types as below:
1. Toilet paper from trees
2. Recycled toilet paper
3. Toilet paper from alternative materials (sugar cane or bamboo)

In fact, we can compost all paper products we use every day in our yard. It is better than throwing it out in the garbage and leaving it in a landfill. It means that toilet paper, cardboard cores, and packaging can be your addition to compost. If you have allergies and you have to live with many tissues, they can go in the compost.

Best Types Of Compostable Toilet Paper

When you decide compostable toilet paper, you may choose based on the durability, texture, and the thickness. We may have different option to say the best choice. It is fine because everyone has their choosing. Choosing toilet paper is also about the personal choice. It can be the thickness, durability, and texture of the toilet paper. When we have to choose, it is all about our personal choice. Also, it does not affect the composting process. Even though, one can break down a little bit faster than others.

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Recycled toilet paper is the best choice when it comes to selecting the best toilet papers. It is suitable for composting toilet. Recycled toilet paper is better for the environment since it is a recycled product. In the composting process, it is easier to break down. Therefore, we think that it is the best option for compostable toilet papers.

In conclusion, as long as you never use the toilet paper to clean up something yucky, you can use it for composting. Ditto tissues, for example, is used to wipe up a little blood. It is important to note that compostable toilet paper is recyclable. If you use non-recyclable paper tissues, these are contaminated, and these have wax linings. Therefore, we recommend you not to recycle wrapping paper. You should only try recyclable, eco-friendly paper. Last but not the least, you cannot recycle all used tissue products such as bath tissue, facial tissue, napkins, and paper towels.

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