How To Choose The Best Seed Starting Kit

By | August 15, 2017
best seed starting kit

We cannot deny that a head start indoors is one of the keys to plant some plants in the garden. Even though, we should plant beans, carrots, sunflowers, corn, nasturtiums as seeds directly in the garden. Commonly, we spread the seeds of many plants in an indoor pot, and several weeks later, we set out the young plants in the backyard. Therefore, we need to use the best seed starting kit when it is about planting them indoor.

The fact is there are many options available from a milk carton, yogurt cups to the biodegradable pots. Other choices are recycled plastic pack and seed-starting system. If you want to find the best option, there are some things to consider.

best seed starting kit

starting seed

Some Seeds Can Tolerate Well

For grade school project, the popular option is to grow marigold from the seeds. It is reasonable because the plants germinate quickly in a paper drinking or an old shoe. So, you do not have to find best seed starting kit to complete the project. However, other seeds can be harder to plant such as peppers, parsley and other perennial herbs and flowers. They take several weeks to germinate. They also need more weeks so you can transplant them to the garden. For any plants grow slowly, they cannot deal with any trouble, including the roots. Make sure that you can transfer the root ball completely into the garden.

The Quick and The Slow-To-Grow Seeds

Onions, snapdragons, peppers, and perennial herbs are the slow-growing seedlings. They are happy to grow in a small pot, even though for many weeks. Meanwhile, the fast-growing seedlings such as zinnias, tomatoes, and melons can outgrow a pot much more quickly.

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The Small and The Big Seeds

It is effortless to plant a zinnia seed to pot because the seeds are only about a quarter-inch long. However, you cannot plant a snapdragon seed or nicotiana seed because they have smaller seeds than the grain of sand. It is better to sow a tiny pinch of a little seed and then plan on thinning.

Keep in mind that you should choose the right seed starting kit for your plants. It is the primary factor to support the life of the plants. If you choose the wrong option, the plants may not grow effectively. The best way you can do is planting the same seed in the different kind of trays and pots. Make sure that you observe the plants by making a comparison. Make a list of the benefits of using the pots and trays, how the life of the plants there, and your experience to care for the plants in those pots. The comparison list later is a valuable option to take your final decision.

To find the best seed starting kit, keep experimenting is the right solution. There are several types of pots and trays so you can try to find the best that works for your plants. Some plants can grow well in all kinds of pots and trays, but others cannot.

Description: choosing the best seed starting kit is not easy. There are some considerations to understand to make sure that your plants grow well.

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