Bulbs to Plant in Fall Season

By | August 19, 2017
bulbs to plant in fall

Planting bulbs in autumn is an enjoyable thing to do for everyone who loves gardening. In this occasion, we will discuss most attractive bulbs to plant in fall season. Planting bulbs in fall season will add blooms to your lovely garden. Want to plant bulbs in the autumn season? These tips and ideas will help you.

bulbs to plant in fall

bulbs to plant in fall

Tips before Planting Bulbs in Fall Season

Planting bulbs in the fall season is an easy thing. Although it’s easy, don’t plant it without any information. Before planting bulbs in the autumn season, it’s better for you to know these tips.

1. Make a Well Preparation
Before planting bulbs in the fall season, it’s better for you to remove any weeds from the soil. It’s also important to put compost on it or put other organic fertilizer. If you want to plant your bulbs in pots, make sure that you put rocks or stones in the bottom of it. Then, use compost.

2. Choose the Right Bulbs
If you buy bulbs directly from gardeners or offline bulbs seller, choose the best bulbs. Pick a big and firm bulb. Don’t choose any bulbs if it shows any signs of mold or if it’s soft. Moreover, you must plant any bulbs as soon as possible after the bulbs are reaching your home.

3. Don’t Forget to Dig the Soil Deeply
Put the bulb in a deep hole. The depth of the hole must be three or four times from the length of the bulb. To make sure the proper depth, ask the seller or gardeners.

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10 Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall Season

1. Tulips
Tulips are great bloom for your garden. With its magnificent colors, tulips can attract everyone attraction. To plant this bulb, put bulbs in two inches depth. The pH of the soil is must be between 6 and 7. Adding compost to the ground is an excellent idea to plant Tulips. Let it grow and see the blooms on the next spring.

2. Apricot Daffodils
Mostly comes in white or yellow, Apricot Daffodil is growing nicely in the fall season. To get lovely flowers, you can start to plant Apricot Daffodils in an autumn season since this flower can grow even in the winter.

3. Starflower
Starflower is magnificent bloom in spring. Plant this flower under a tree or put the pots of Starflower in the perfect area to get the right amount of sunlight.

4. Dutch Iris
The Dutch Iris variants are easy to plant. Plant the Dutch Iris on fall and see the blooms in spring.

5. Alliums
Alliums amaze everyone who sees it by its purple globes. It rises in spring. Plant Alliums on your garden in fall and enjoy the blooms in the late spring.

6. Fritillaria
This bell-shaped flower will amaze everyone who sees it in spring. Plant this lovely flower and put the pots or the plants in the half-sun to full-sun location. Also, put it on the well-draining soil.

7. Hyacinth
This bloom is one of the most versatile flowers in spring. Hyacinth will bring sweet fragrance and soft color to your garden. Hyacinth can grow well in pots.

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8. Scilla Flower
Scilla or Squil is a flower that produces spiky blooms in the spring. This star-shaped flower can grow in half-sun or full-sun location, including areas under big trees.

9. Spider Lily
This spider-shaped flower gives your garden an attractive look. Plant the Spider Lily on moist soil. It can grow in half-sun or full-sun location.

10. Buttercup
Buttercup will never fail to make your garden as a cheerful garden. This kind of flower will bloom in the middle of summer. Moreover, this kind of flower is easy to grow. You can put this flower in half-sun or full-sun location.

After knowing those bulbs to plant in fall, dare to cover your garden with blooming flowers in spring? Blooming flowers in spring is always a fascinating experience for you who love gardening and fond of flowers.

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