Birds Of Paradise Plant – Things You Should Know To Plant It

By | August 30, 2017
Birds of paradise plant

Birds of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae), also popular as crane flowers are one of the most beautiful flowers. It is an exotic, unusual flower with its bright color. Like its name, the flower is like birds in flight.

The plant has bluish-green leaves with the red midrib. It also has evergreen foliage attached to a long stalk. Besides, the plant also has petals of beautiful orange with the blue arrow-like tongue. Its height even can reach about 5 feet.

Birds Of Paradise Plant – The Growing Conditions

1. It needs full sun
To plant Bird of Paradise, it needs full sun. It is still able to grow in lightly shaded positions if you can keep it warm. However, the flowering can be diminished. Birds Of Paradise Plant shows its best if you grow it in a rich and loamy soil with excellent drainage. It is also able to survive close to an ocean, especially in seaside gardens. It is because the leathery leaves can deal with the breeze of the salt.

2. Supports with fertilizer
If you want to grow the plant, you should support its growth with fertilizer, for example, compost. The best time to provide fertilizer is before its new growth starts in spring. You should fertilize the plant every three months, especially in the growing season.

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3. Concern on the moisture
The growth of the plant depends on the moisture the plant gets. It will determine the life of the plant. If you plant it in the soggy soil along with poor drainage and not enough watering, of course, it will make the leaves turn to yellow and the plant, by the time will die.

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4. Provide a regular watering schedule
In the first growing season, you should support the plant with a regular watering schedule. Helping the root system is important. If the plant has established, you can reduce the watering.

Those are all the important things you should know about birds of paradise plant.

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