5 Top Flower Bulbs To Plant In Spring For Beautiful Summer

By | August 24, 2017
flower bulbs to plant in spring-Oriental-lilies

Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and other fall-planted bulbs are the spring-blooming option. There are also great as a beautiful addition to any garden. We have the top flower bulbs to plant in spring wonderful summer with very little maintenance. It is possible for you to tuck them into your existing garden beds. Having spring bulbs are about creating a beautiful and colorful garden with fragrance.

Flower Bulbs To Plant In Spring – Best Time To Plant

Mostly, spring is the best time to plant summer-blooming bulbs, after the danger of frost is over. Planting these plants below in the spring gives a little time for the plants to establish before the next cold winter comes. Also, you can plant them while the bulbs are entering the dormant, no stems or flower stalks are damaged during the planting process.

Top Flower Bulbs To Plant In Spring

Well, dahlias, freesia, or calla lilies are beautiful, but they cannot survive in the north during winter. However, you can take these top three flower bulbs to plant in spring.

1. Oriental lilies
A large, fragrant plant is ready to take people’s attention in your garden. You can choose many varieties with the big options of colors and heights. To plant Oriental lilies, you should take the stems as they grow. Besides, they need extra support because of their heavy blossoms.

flower bulbs to plant in spring-Oriental-lilies

Oriental-lilies, source: Wikipedia

2. Crocosmia
It is similar to crocus and gladiolus. It is the perennial plant grows from corns with the height about three feet, and it has bright green sword-like foliage. The common flowers are orange, red, and yellow.

flower bulbs to plant in spring_Crocosmia_flower

Crocosmia flower, Source: Pixabay by COhlson

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3. Asiatic Lilies
It is the last choice to pick, which is different from the Oriental lilies. These plants are earlier blooming with the brighter color. They have fragrance-free, and they are not as large as the Oriental lilies. Besides, they have sturdier stems which make them do not need extra support.

flower bulbs to plant in spring-Asiatic-Lilies

Asiatic Lilies, Source: Pixabay by leoleobobeo

4. Chinese Ground Orchids (Bletilla)
For those who love to see a summer-blooming bulb with the shade, it can be the right option. It grows from a bulbous rhizome with the height about eighteen inches. Besides, it is a beautiful plant reminds you of Cattleya-like flowers in purple, white, or lavender. By the time, it can spread to make a nice colony.

Chinese Ground Orchids (Bletilla)

Chinese Ground Orchids (Bletilla), Source: Wikimedia

5. Hardy Begonia (Begonia Grandis)
It comes with a layer of mulch. We can say that it is a shade-loving bulb even can deal with a freezing winter. The shape of the leaves is beautiful that will remind you to a lopsided heart. Its top is green, and the beneath is burgundy. This is a beautiful plant with the height about two feet.

Hardy Begonia (Begonia Grandis)

Hardy Begonia (Begonia Grandis), Source: Flickr by Tanaka Juuyoh

In the end, those are the five beautiful flower bulbs to plant in spring that everyone surely will appreciate.

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