5 Most Beautiful Flower Bulbs To Plant In Fall

By | August 23, 2017
flower bulbs to plant in fall

There is no regret to talk about flower bulbs to plant in fall. Once you planted them, they bloom every year for several years. They make people stop, take their attention and appreciate how beautiful they are.

Below, we provide you a list of the most beautiful flower bulbs you should plant in fall. These bulbs are always a treat to show.

Flower Bulbs To Plant In Fall – Our Best Choice

1. Species Tulip

They are a lovely and slender plant. Tulips come with pale yellow and white inside. Some varieties have red to magenta outside. Besides, their height is about six to nine inches.

If we have to say our best choice, Tulipa clusiana chrysantha should complete your lush garden. They are rose carmine outside but bright yellow inside. Another option is T.tarda, which are the yellow star-like flowers with white tips.

Make your garden beautiful with dozen bulbs to plants. For example, plant the bulb in 2 inches of deep, in a 15-inch wide of a terra-cotta container.

flower bulbs to plant in fall

Tulipa Clusiana Chrysantha from Wikimedia


2. Darwin Hybrid Tulip

Unlike the first choice, Darwin hybrids are the biggest-flowered tulips and the tallest. Its blooms have a cup-shaped look. They are ideal for cutting since you can hold them well in a vase. There are some varieties available, such as white, yellow, and pink, red to scarlet-orange.

The best choice is having ‘Beauty of Apeldoorn’ or Daydream’ if you want yellows and orange.

However, you should chill the bulbs in the refrigerator within six weeks before planting them if you are living in mild winter environments.

bulbs to plant in fall darwin hydrid tulip

darwin hybrid tulip, source: Flickr by Cliff

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3. Dutch Iris

It can be your next choice of flower bulbs to plant in fall. It grows for about 2 feet tall with its bright and intense color from purple, deep blue, orange, and sometimes it has a yellow blotch. If you love blue, try to plant ‘Professor Blaaw.’ Alternatively, you have ‘Royal Yellow’ if you want yellow and ‘Purple Sensation’ for purple.

You can use pots to mix them with yellow violas. They can deal with coldest West and mild climates.

Dutch Iris bulbs plant fall season

Dutch Iris, Source from Flickr by Jeff

4. Parrot Tulip

We can say that these tulips have brilliant hues just like parrots. Some of them have striped and flamed colors. Besides, the plants have ruffled petals.

Blue Parrot looks beautiful with a mauve-blue look that has 18-inch of stems. Another choice is ‘Estella Rijnveld’ for a more flamboyant with 20-inch of stems and red-white look. Others than that, ‘Rococo’ is there for those who want to see red-splashed green tulips.

You should chill the bulbs in six weeks if you want to plant it in the mild-winter climates.

Parrot Tulip bulbs planting in  fall season

Parrot Tulip, source Pixabay

5. Apricot Daffodils

They are perfect for their naturally white or yellow. Some varieties have a salmon, coral corona, or apricot. Furthermore, they can deal with cold and easy to grow. Speaking of the best choice, you should try to plant ‘Apricot Lace’ with the apricot hue for its frame and white perianths to complete its 14-inch of stems.

They grow in anywhere even in the modest winter chill.

apricot daffodils

apricot daffodils, source: Flickr by Liz West

Finally, these are the five most beautiful flower bulbs to plant in fall that will never make you regret. So, which one do you think the best bulb to plant in your area?

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